The situation in Ukraine is tragic. Millions of civilians are caught in the middle of an escalating war and humanitarian crisis. More than two million people have fled Ukraine and left their homes in response to Russia's invasion, and up to 4 million are estimated follow. Families are being torn apart. The damage and destruction is significant and widespread. There are millions of people at risk.

IIT is responding with an Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, restricted to react to the Ukrainian disaster, with Disasters Emergency Community (DEC) as a beneficiary. The DEC is organising relief in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries providing food, water, shelter and medical assistance. Our priority is to provide vital help to those impacted by the ongoing violence. We need your support so we can coordinate and deliver relief. . 

It is easy to turn away from difficult subjects, “the problem is too big, too difficult, it’s not mine, it’s not here…” but it is.

Your donation to them will support those who are suffering as a result of the war in Ukraine.
All administrative costs are sponsored by Blue Orchid Hotels and Integrity International Group. 

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”
-Edmund Burke

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